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Info for Boarders

We value making the ranch as comfortable for the owners as we do for the horses.


Currently, we are working on getting WiFi out to most of the property (at least enough to be able to make a phone call).  You can join Peacock Hills Guest using password: JoJo2021

Many of you have been asking how and to whom you pay.  You can set up an Auto Pay, use Venmo, Zelle or write a check to Peacock Hill.  And, of course, cash is always cool.  The “porch pot” is still at the front door and will remain a Peacock Hill fixture.

Just a the days get shorter, if you hit the trails in the afternoon, consider wearing reflective gear just in case you get caught in the fading light of the beautiful sunsets.

Veterinarians that Service our Area

Dr. Bauer -- (Office) 626-473-9146, (Cell) 818-370-7631

Dr. Boles -- 805-688-2825

Dr. Bradley -- 818-768-2784

Dr. Brown -- 626-446-8911

Dr. Canfield -- 626-256-4788

Dr. Curcaruto -- 818-642-0637 (Chiropractor)

Dr. Dyck -- 661-259-7745 or 818-362-9439

Dr. Dygert-- 805-482-1902

Dr. Friedlander -- 616-256-4788

Dr.Gray -- 818-609-7676

Dr. Ovellette -- 626-256-4788 or 626-932-9659

(Formally Dr. Greenman)

Dr. Peralez -- 626-446-8911

Dr. Perdue -- 818-881-9564 or 805-581-2613

Dr. Ragsdale --818-362-9439 or 661-259-7745

Dr. Ramey -- 818-512-3123

Dr. Robertson -- 818-614-9565

Dr. Rosenkrantz -- 949-971-6211 (Allergies)

Dr. Roueche -- 818-362-9439 or 661-259-7745

Dr. Wanner -- 310-295-2207

Dr. Wheat -- 626-446-3837

Dr. Williams -- 805-268-8128

“Some horses will test you, some will teach you, and some will bring out the best in you.” –Anonymous

Barn  Rules

Barn hours daily 6 am to 9 pm.  


No smoking in or near the barn.

Please do not feed other horses without permission.

Please be mindful of others regarding your time using the round pen.  Also, please do not leave horses turned out in the arena or the round pen unattended so that it remains

available for everyone.

Horses traveling in opposite directions in the arena please pass left shoulder to left shoulder.


Well-behaved dogs welcome.  Please pick up after them.  


Your horse's care and well-being is our top priority.  If you have a concern about feeding/care, please contact Cody or Butch. 

Last person out at night shuts off the lights.

Good manners, please!

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